About Us

Welcome to Child Anxiety Network, a platform driven to mitigate childhood anxiety and its consequences.

I am its founder, a licensed professional counselor who has spent over 10 years in the practice.

I particularly specialize in counseling involving teenagers and children. I have engaged in children counseling in various settings like summer camps, children and youth ministries, juvenile jails, and clinical settings. I believe that children have to be nurtured the best way possible, and since they are the face of the future, their generation has to be developed to boost their emotional resilience. Children need our support and supervision, and since they go through sensitive stages that can challenge their emotional strength, I have developed psychologically sound treatment programs should they be disturbed in their development.

I am passionate in helping children who fight against anxiety. Be it OCD, trauma, and depression, I use my knowledge and expertise in helping children cope with the stresses of life and proceed with a happier and stronger state of being.

I have dedicated myself not only to directly helping children but also in developing awareness and disseminating information on anxiety and depression. I collaborate with other like-minded entities to make the society a better place for children around the world. Each one of us has the responsibility to provide our children with guidance and develop ourselves to become role models of the younger generation.

I myself have children, and I’m working as a senior therapist in Tampa, Florida. I regularly attend seminars as the resource speaker to further spread awareness and educate everyone on the dangers of emotional frailties and how to mitigate these failings. I will do my best to give relevant and valuable information through this blog and through other means I have tapped to contribute to the world at large in promoting mental health and children support.

Should you have ideas, concerns, questions, and other insights, I’ll be happy to receive them and we can even collaborate towards further advocating the cause.