How Stress And Anxiety Can Affect Your Skin?

The fast-growing rate of industries and technologies has greatly affected the environment as well as everyone’s health. According to Oily Skin Group, Two manifestations of such negative impacts are stress and anxiety.

Stress is often dealt with in workplaces and transportations. Anxiety, on the other hand, is prevalent in times when there are uncertainties. The less you handle these two, the easier it can take over on your mind, your body functions, and most visibly, your skin.

How Skin Is Affected By Stress And Anxiety

The state of your skin can be affected both by external and internal factors. Since stress and anxiety are internally dealt with, the skin will respond accordingly to the performance of your bodily chemicals.

If those necessary chemicals or nutrients drop in quantity, your skin’s quality will suffer. Here are some situations wherein stress and anxiety have affected your skin.

Triggering Of Skin Inflammation

Stress can trigger inflammation in most parts of the body. When stress stimulates the release of cortisol, the bodily hormones will go haywire and this can flare up the skin, especially those who are naturally prone to acne, eczema, or psoriasis.

Another instance wherein stress can cause inflammation is when the balance between bad and good bacteria in the gut is disrupted. The body will naturally respond by increasing the number of microscopic combatants which can cause flaring up the skin as a side effect.

Dry Skin

When the body is undergoing anxiety and stress, there will be a spike in its level of adrenaline. This can make you perspire more and because of that, you lose more amounts of water. This is why your skin will become dry if you don’t replenish the amount of fluids lost.

Oily Skin

When you are stressed or anxious most of the time, the release of cortisol can affect the sebaceous gland and will eventually increase the production of bodily oil. Too much oil will block the skin pores and unwanted skin irritations and growths will start to appear.

Stress And Anxiety Management

You might be wondering why not get rid of stress and anxiety to preserve your skin, right? That may be achievable except for the fact that the damage caused by stress and anxiety can only be reversed gradually.

This means that even if you become stress- and anxiety-free, your skin will take some time to return to its healthy state. To help you deal with that, here are some tips you can follow.

Eat healthily

Healthy foods, specifically fruits and vegetables, will provide more nutrients and even aid in your weight-loss.

Enough water consumption is also encouraged as part of being healthy. Avoid as many sugary and preservative-filled products as possible.

Maintain good posture and mobility

Most people don’t know how poor posture can contribute to the imbalance of hormones. That is why most people who exercise have a greater disposition and outlook in life and they can handle stress and anxiety better than others.

Practice applying of skincare rituals

As mentioned, your skin won’t revert easily even after becoming free from anxiety and stress. To hasten the process of recovery, you can use skincare products such as lotion, vitamin E supplements, oily skin treatment, and more. This may be a bit of an investment but it can be worth it.


To have glowing skin, removal of stress and anxiety is not enough. You need to practice certain things so that you can achieve your goal in a shorter period. You may have to exert more effort and resources in your eating habits, body posture, and skincare products, but the pay-off will be very satisfying.

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