Beard Grooming Tips for New Dads

Nowadays, more and more men who’ll enter fatherhood choose to wear a beard like some of the most influential dads in history. However, there are things a father can do to make sure that a dad’s beard is achieved, whether you like it long or short, perfectly styled or messy. This is not all about vitamins you take.

But first things first, clarifications need to be done about reports that beards in some way have more poo particles compared to a lavatory bowl. These findings were according to a dubious study a few years ago that has been greatly doubted. There are also rumors circulating about children who allegedly suffered allergic reactions due to beards, however, that can be usually blamed on the kind of products used products and not the beard itself.

Here are some useful tips for new daddies who want to rock beards:

  • For very busy dads, as much as possible, maintain it short. This can save you a lot of time on your grooming regimen and allot it to more important things.
  • If you have a lustrous beard, keep it that way. Apply moisturizer on your beard so it can’t cause any problems to your baby’s skin. Your companion may appreciate you more too.
  • If you are worried about causing any skin damage on your baby’s delicate cheeks, use your hand to cover your beard as you kiss or hug your kids.
  • When you have extra time to spare, use and include conditioning products as well as beard oils in your grooming routine. But if your strictly busy, the hair conditioner you used will do.

Dads with new-born babies tend to be preoccupied at all times, so see to it that whatever beard you want to grow, it’s easy to groom. Aside from this, opting for a trim style beard may give dads benefits as well. For instance, babies will likely hold everything they notice and if you have a lengthy beard, your toddler might grip it. But for men who have high pain tolerance, this may not be a problem for you.

Differences Between Short and Long Beards

Infants are good at creating messes, both in foods and the body’s waste products. Lustrous, longer, beards can easily take up that unavoidable mess, which implies requiring you to have additional cleaning. Also, a shorter beard that has to spit up only requires a little time and effort to clean, unlike the longer ones. But for daddies who are dedicated to having a long, full beard, these inconveniences don’t matter.

However, it’s true that longer beards can be harsh on the toddler’s sensitive skin, particularly when your facial hair is very dry and rough. The danger here is dermabrasion from hugs and when playing, and men who have coarse beards can sometimes receive complaints from their partners for they experience a little displeasure during intimate happenings.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that rocking a dad beard makes a father look impressive. However, what comes with it is giving more time and resources to beard care in order to not cause any harm to your baby. But with the guides above, you should be eligible to grow one, even as a first-time dad.

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