Anxiety Exercises at Home to Help You Relax

Anxiety is an emotional response characterized by fear and heightened alertness. It may also lead to physical impacts such as increased heart rate while doing best treadmills cardio and more. You might experience anxiety at one point in your life. Therefore, knowing how to deal with anxiety will be of paramount importance. For that, you might want to incorporate these exercises to help you relax during anxiety attacks.

Relax by Visualizing

This process involves visualizing yourself in a place you know will make you feel relaxed. You should sit in a comfortable place. The place can be anywhere in the world. It could be somewhere you have been or a place you have never visited. The place in your mind should be peaceful and can trigger happiness. After selecting a place, close your eyes and take a deep breath at regular intervals using your mouth.

Relax Your Muscles

Anxiety strains the muscles. To relieve it, sit in a comfortable place, close your eyes, and breathe in regular intervals through your nose and let out through the mouth. Hold your fist tightly and then start unfolding your fingers one by one. You will feel a tension leaving your hand. Hold and release other body muscles in a similar manner. After that, move to your legs and shoulders.

Relax by Counting

Counting is a good way to relax and reduce anxiety. Sit in a quiet place and start counting from 1 to 10. If you still feel anxious, continue counting to 20 or even to higher numbers until anxiety is reduced. This exercise takes your mind from the cause of anxiety to something else. It is one of the best methods to use if you are in a crowded or busy place where it might be possible to carry out other exercises.

Relax by Staying Present

This exercise at home works by assessing your surroundings and acknowledging the present situation. This will help you acquire a calm state of mind. In this exercise, you should find a quiet and comfortable place to sit in.

Take note of your breathing and how your body feels then shift your focus to the surroundings and look at what you see, hear, smell, and feel from the environment. Keep switching your awareness from your body to your surroundings until the anxiety subsides.

Relax by Breathing

When you are anxious, your rate of breathing will increase, and you can hear your heartbeat beating heavier than normal. Breathing will help you relax.

Interrupt Your Anxious Thinking

Anxiety affects our thinking. Your thoughts can make you feel more anxious or believe in something that is not true, and you may end up doing something that will worsen your anxiety. Interrupting your anxious thoughts will allow for constructive thinking to deal with the anxiety. You can engage in acts such as singing, listening to music, or focusing on something else such as something you love.


Anxiety can affect your normal activities. Doing exercise at home will be one way of reducing your anxiety. Additionally, the above activities can be carried out at home to reduce your anxiety.

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