Is CBD Oil Safe for Kids with ADHD and Anxiety?

It is the wish of every parent to maintain the health of their children at the best state possible. As a parent, you will do anything for your children. Laweekly’s cbd list is currently gaining popularity for its medicinal benefits, especially in treating ADHD and anxiety in both adults and children. However, there are reports of adverse effects on the user. This has left parents concerned about whether they will harm their children using CBD oil with the aim of improving their health.

Benefits of CBD in children

CBD was reported to cure children with autism with an 80% success rate.

General benefits of CBD in children include:

  • Improved focus
  • Better memory
  • High alertness that could improve their performance in school
  • Quality sleep essential for good mental health
  • Enhanced immunity making them resistant to diseases

Risks and Side Effects

There is a range of side effects and risks associated with the use of CBD products. These effects occur in equal measures for both children and adults.

Users experience digestive problems. A person taking CBD oil may experience stomach upset and nausea. Drowsiness and headaches are also common, especially for a person taking high doses. As a person gets used to this medication, the problems significantly subside. This brings the question of the addiction ability of CBD oil.

In general, individuals taking CBD oil through inhalation by smoking and vaping may experience cough and lung irritation.

Long term effects of CBD oil are not clearly understood. It is not clear whether CBD oil has impacts on the hormones with a major concern in teenagers.

Is CBD safe for Children?

Whether CBD oil is safe for children has been a subject of debate. Doctors may recommend CBD oil for some illnesses, but still have been reluctant in prescribing it for ADHD. Although evidence has shown that CBD oil treats some conditions such as epilepsy and anxiety, there are significant concerns on their safety to children.

CBD oils are not subjected to similar regulations as medicines. This loophole may be used by rogue manufacturers to produce unsafe products that may contain addictive gradients such as THC, which is the same ingredient found in marijuana. This element is usually harmful to the brain of the children. Children who use cannabis before the age of 16 years are placed at a higher risk of developing cognitive impairments due to the effect of the drug on the developing brain.

Children with ADHD have also been reported to be at higher risk of drug abuse. They are 1.5 more times likely to be involved in a disorder associated with marijuana use. Although CBD oil is not marijuana, there is a concern for impure products.


CBD oil has shown evidence in the treatment of ADHD and Anxiety in children; however, there are some concerns about its safety. If you intend to use CBD oil for your children, it is advisable to consult a doctor to get more information on the safety of the product to your child.

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