Is CBD an Effective Anxiety Remedy for Kids?

After decades of hemp being considered as illegal by the US Controlled Substance Act, it was finally considered legal to sell and Shop CBD Oil in 2019. Due to this, studies on the effects of CBD, also known as cannabidiol, has advanced. Since then, it has been developed as the main ingredient of medication and treatments for PTSD, depression, anxiety, and other mental difficulties.

It was eventually introduced as an anxiety remedy not only for adults but for children as well. However, the general question lies: is it actually effective?

CBD and Anxiety

There a number of alternative treatments for anxiety available in the market, and more recommendation are available on the internet, mainly ones that state the basic need for exercise, meditation, a healthy well-balanced diet, and a peaceful surrounding environment.

With that, it’s already a given that CBD oil is not the ultimate cure-all. However, studies show that it can ease some of the discomforts through induced relaxation, pain relief, and stimulated sleep.

CBD oil is a substance derived from the cannabis plant but is legally regulated to not contain more than 0.3% THC which is not enough to get you high. However, such a substance affects people differently depending on various factors.

It may have drastic effects on one and barely any results for another. It is because of this fact that the substance undergoes multiple controlled processes to make sure it does not harm the ones that take it as medicine, especially kids.

CBD Research

The notion that CBD oil can do well for a person’s mental health was considered snake oil sold by druggies and hipsters – that was the case until medical studies started to back up the idea.

Researchers from PubMed Central, a biomedical and life sciences institute, published a study in 2015 proving that CBD indeed holds “potential value” in reducing anxiety. This led to a study in 2018 where the substances were tested on lab rats which resulted in the successful lessening of anxiety on the subjects.

The moment that these recent studies were made accessible to the public, more research material surfaced later in the day. Notably, a research in 1993 was conducted on human volunteers who were given CBD oil prior to a public speaking event. The results showed that the substance had anxiolytic or anxiety-reducing properties, and this was later published by the Journal of Psychopharmacology.

A Safer Alternative for Children

The substance had caused much discussion amongst various communities, and it finally has come to the attention of modern parents, especially ones whose children suffer from mental disabilities, panic attacks, and anxiety.

Janice Bissex, a registered dietitian and known Holistic Cannabis Practitioner, is commonly frequented by these parents to consult regarding the effects of CBD oil if their children are to consume the substance. Going for the advice of a pediatric neurologist or a cannabis consultant is a recommended move when inquiring about CBD oil since most doctors and pediatricians are not educated with this type of medication.

Children usually have an adverse reaction towards medication which is what led to the innovation of CBD oil medication. It can now be consumed in a number of ways and incorporated into a number of products. What is important is you do research on which method works best for your child.

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