Kids and Handwashing: Everything You Should Know

Kids play all the time, and no matter how much adults remind them, they just keep getting dirty and touching things that will cause harm to their health like dirt, slippers, and such. If it is true with your kids as well, BioVigil’s device is the product for you.

The harder part is when they do touch these things, they tend to forget to wash their hands. Why? For one, they don’t truly understand the importance of washing their hands. To them, it’s just one of the long list of things that they should do according to adults. To better explain it to them, here’s everything that you should know about handwashing.

Why is it Important to Wash our Hands?

People communicate not only through words but also through action. One of the dangers here is that, sometimes, the person that we touched could have touched something that will or can cause sickness.

Let’s say, for example, that person we shook hands with just shook hands with someone who used his hands when he coughed; that would automatically start the transfer of bacteria. The same can happen to children even when they’re simply holding the hands of their playmates.

Of course, we can’t completely avoid human touch. So, how do we minimize the damage? We wash our hands.

When Do We Need to Wash our Hands?

Every after human interaction isn’t and shouldn’t be the only time we wash our hands. Here’s a list of common instances wherein it’s necessary to apply hand hygiene.

Food Preparation and Eating

For adults, it’s important that we wash our hands before, during, and after preparing the food. This is especially imperative when we’re dealing with raw food. For children, we should train them to wash before and after eating and drinking.

After Using the Bathroom

The bathroom is where we clean ourselves, and even though we make it a point to clean ourselves regularly, it’s still the place in the house where all the bacteria in our body is dumped. That is why we should make it a habit to wash our hands thoroughly after using the bathroom, no matter how short of a time we took inside.

Before Touching Babies and Kids

Babies have very sensitive skin, and the same could be said for kids. Make sure to clean the hands before touching them to avoid infection.

After Touching Things That Are Touched by Everyone

We’re talking about things like public handrails and money. We don’t know who touched these, and that’s quite impossible to track. Thus, wash your hands each time you hold any of these things to decrease the chances of getting bacteria.

How to Wash Our Hands Properly?

Rinse both hands thoroughly using running water to remove all the dirt on the surface.

Use the soap that suits you the most, and apply it all over the hands.

Soap your hands thoroughly and include your wrists, back and front hands, fingers, and the spaces between your fingers.

Rinse again with water and dry your hands well with a clean hand towel or paper towel.


It’s not enough that adults explain these things to kids. Kids follow adults, so we should lead by example. Let’s show them how we practice it regularly to encourage them more about doing it too.

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