Anti-Bullying Tips for Redheads and Their Parents

While we already live in a modern and liberated world with everyone is aware of Sugaring – a new beauty trend, prejudice is still experienced here and there. While most people see our differences to be beautiful, others still tend to be afraid of it and mock it. This is why cases of bullying are still unfortunately present, especially in school where most kids do not know better yet.

Some of the most usual victims of bullying are the redheads which, for most people, are also called gingers. For some, it’s just a term used to describe their looks, but others use it to mean insult. If a redhead is getting bullied in school, here are some tips for the child and his or her parents to stay on top of the situation.

For the Kids

Acknowledge It

Some kids tend to be in denial. They don’t want to make the situation any worse, so they feel like the best way to handle the situation is to ignore it and just keep denying that bullying is happening to them. Don’t do this. If you feel like you’re being bullied, acknowledge it. Denying it will only help those who bully you.

Tell Someone About It

It’s very understandable if you find it hard to open up to someone about what you’re experiencing. It’s one thing to acknowledge it, but it’s another to tell someone about it. However, bottling it up, especially after acknowledging that you’re being bullied, will eat you up inside. Start telling a friend, a trusted classmate, your siblings, or anyone that you feel comfortable confiding in.

Tell an Adult

You have to tell an adult. Why? Because you need to understand that what’s happening to you is not your fault. Adults can handle the situation better, and they know what’s the best thing to do. They are your protection, whether you see it now or not. Talk to your parents, teachers, or other adults that you trust.

For Parents/Guardians

Keep Calm

Learning that your child is being bullied can give you all kinds of anger. It’s very understandable. However, you have to keep your calm. Don’t give solutions like hair removal to stop the problem. Your child will be looking to you for some sort of stability and confidence. If you panic, all that goes out the window.

Reassure Your Child

Once you found out that your child is being bullied, talk to them. Oftentimes, victims think it’s their fault. Keep reassuring them that it’s not. Explain to them why this kind of thing happens, and don’t forget to let them know that everything is going to be okay. If you have to, explain to them how.

Coordinate with Another Adult

Talk to a reliable adult where the bullying takes place. Let them know about the problem and make sure that they do something about it. There are anti-bullying laws all over the world, and you can rest assured that you and your child are protected by them.

Do Not Encourage Retaliation

As rewarding as it may feel to make those bullies have a taste of their own medicine, it is true that you can’t right a wrong with another wrong. Moreover, things can escalate quickly. You don’t know how bad things can get when a fight starts.

Ask Your Child

Ask your child what he or she wants to happen. Include them in the process so they see that something is being done about the situation. Make their opinions and wants important enough to be heard, and if possible, given.


The world is not short of ignorant people. As unfair as it may sound, taking the high road is always the better choice. That is not to say that you shouldn’t stand your ground – you must. However, bullies feed off anger and devastation. Do not give them yours.

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