What Parents Should Know About CBD Oil and Their Kids

Cannabidiol or most likely known as CBD Oil has taken over the health and wellness groups all over the internet. According to greenthevoteok.com, it can be found in the cannabis plant, CBD oil is different from tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, a compound in marijuana that makes you psychoactive.

It is now becoming a popular treatment to some diseases due to some claims that it can soothe the nerves and promote wellness. CBD Oil can be taken by putting a small number of drops under your tongue or can be added to food, juice, or smoothies.  If it could help adults, but would it be safe for kids too? Here are a few things parents should consider when using CBD Oil on their kids:

CBD and THC are totally different. Knowing the difference between these two is significant. They have different purposes and different effects. THC is the main ingredient in marijuana, likely to be used for health or recreational intentions. It binds with other receptors in the brain and gets you high or even paranoid. But, CDB is not psychoactive; it doesn’t give you that high feeling. CBD Oils that are sold over-the-counter may contain THC but others don’t. Take in mind that the higher the THC, the stronger the high. If you will let your kids take pure CBD Oil, rest assured that they are not consuming marijuana.

Taking CBD Oil regularly is costly. The daily use of CBD Oil for kids will be around $500 a month. It really costs a huge amount of money since the majority of the states won’t cover this in the insurance. In addition, the cost of CBD Oil differs from one place to another since some places have not legalized the use of CBD oils yet.

An effective aid for autism, disorders in sensory processing, anxiety, and depression. Several studies and researches have shown the effectiveness of using CBD Oil in certain health conditions. For example, a 2016 study on Effectiveness of Cannabidiol Oil for Pediatric Anxiety and Insomnia says that CBD Oil can be an effective alternative medication to treat anxious children. Cannabidiol works together with the endocannabinoid system of the body and helps support relaxation and lessen stress and tiredness.

Not all CBD Oils are made in the same way. While it may be tempting to order online for CBD products, especially if it’s illegal in the state you live in, you have to make sure that these products are free from doubtful ingredients. Since some companies won’t reveal the contents of online CBD Oils, then you will never know if it is safe. The FDA warns parents about this issue and closed manufacturers who are guilty. Do your own research, read testimonials, talk to your doctor, and learn everything about the product to ensure that you are giving your kid the best CBD Oil available in the market.

Legally use CBD products. This is important so that you’ll not face illegal charges. Over-the-counter products are only permissible in states where marijuana has been legalized; this is according to the Drug Enforcement Administration. If not, it is necessary to have a prescription before purchasing it. Always abide by the law by going through the right process in giving out CBD products to children.

These are some of the things that parents should know before using CBD oil for their kids. More importantly, parents should also seek approval from their GPs first before using this as a form of treatment to bypass any harm to your children.

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