Tips for Parents: Coping with Teen Dating

Teenage dating on is a stage where both the child and the parents are involved. This is what most parents fear the most—seeing their beloved child growing up and falling in love with a stranger. Though it is fearsome to parents, it is inevitable since it’s part of growing up. However, it can’t be avoided that a parent will feel protective of their child in that stage— especially when dating apps like Craigslist Personals Alternatives already exist in this world.

Setting up a balance between giving your support to your child and letting them make their own decisions in this matter is actually not that easy. Still, it is important to show your child that you are there for them, to guide them whatever happens while allowing them to learn from their mistakes and grow. Don’t assume that your child knows what to do in a dating stage because most probably, they get their knowledge about this matter from the internet.

Keep in mind that dating is tough

Remember that you are lucky that you found the right one for you after experiencing so many heartbreaks long ago—that is if you ever experience heartbreaks. It’s possible that your child will experience this phase, so you have to be there no matter what happens. If ever they got into that phase, teach them how to deal with it and how to grow up from the experience. Don’t tell them ‘I told you so’ and such, this will only lower their self-esteem. Instead, tell them about your own experiences, and maybe tell them how you overcame the dilemma yourself.

Emphasize Values

Ever since your child was young, you’ve been teaching them what is right and wrong. Now, as you teach them about how great, at the same time, terrible the emotions when it comes to dating are, you should never forget to teach them about your beliefs when it comes to love, respect, privacy, and sex. Your teenager might test your patience especially when they stay outdoors beyond curfew hours. When this happens, take the opportunity to emphasize your values to them by establishing a strict curfew or making sure they tell you where they are whenever they’re out. Also, make sure they understand all the rules you set out because this might be the root of misunderstandings.

Talk, but still listen

There must be a balance between you and your child. Even though dating is the phase where your child’s privacy strengthens, always make sure that the communication between the two of you is still open. This means that you have to make sure that you are still updated about what happens to your child at school or when they’re with their friends, etc.

The Key to cope is Trust your Teen

When the time reaches that your child is already on the stage of dating, you will surely have to let go of a lot of things. That’s when you have to trust your child. If you are used to sending them to school, you must think about letting them do it themselves to teach them about independence. After all, you already teach them about what is right and wrong—giving them your trust means you are confident that they will apply what you taught them. It will take a lot of trust, but seeing your child grow up and learn more things about themselves is more satisfying than anything else.

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