10 Websites that Might Help Children with Anxiety

Anxiety is a feeling of fear, worry, or unease. A person experiencing anxiety is usually anxious about things that are about to come in their life. Sometimes, small things like uptime Vps website host, taking an examination, going to a job interview, first day of school, or speaking in public make them anxious which makes them feel uneasy and panic.

This disorder is evident in adults, and children are no exception. Anxiety is also currently the most common mental health problem in America, that’s why medical experts are really giving importance to this as this affects the majority of kids nowadays.

Fortunately, there are a few websites that talk about anxiety, and you can learn a lot from them regarding this disorder. They are as follows:


This website tackles the most current information and research about anxiety. They have detailed articles about different types of anxiety and provides helpful insights on how to overcome them.

I Am Living with Anxiety

This personal blog is very easy to read as it’s in a reader-friendly format. It’s like a daily journal of a person suffering from anxiety who shares his experiences and gives self-help tips to be able to overcome a worrisome life.

Diary of a Social Phobic

This blog centers on the life of Gemma, a student from Scotland who’s in her early twenties. This serves as her diary about her social anxiety disorder and depression and how it affected her life. She documented her personal mental struggles and her efforts to overcome them.


This site has a lot of useful and valuable information, especially for parents who have kids that are suffering from anxiety and depression. Visitors can learn a lot of information and ways on how to understand and treat their anxious child.

Social Anxiety Association

This is a non-profit organization of people suffering from social anxiety disorder which is considered the third largest mental health care problem but not widely recognized. They encourage public awareness and treatment options, have a wide range of collected information and resources, and offer open membership to those suffering from this disorder. They even hold meetings to those who are interested in learning more about this.

The Reality of Anxiety

A personal blog that’s been featured in a number of health blog sites and magazines that focuses on the author’s personal struggles with anxiety. Her blog is very detailed and has a lot of infographics and coping tips to help you manage your anxiety.

The Child Anxiety Network

This website was developed to provide user-friendly information for children with anxiety. They have numerous resources to help kids and their parents to cope with anxiety.

My Anxious Child

A blog that provides a lot of techniques to help parents understand and handle their anxious child. They also have an audio program called “Turnaround” that you can purchase to help kids battle anxiety.


Now Anxiety Canada, they aim to promote social awareness about anxiety and provide useful information and articles through their articles and therapy sessions. You can also download their Mindshift app that’s designed to help the youth to cope with anxiety wherever they go.


Alternatively, you can create your own blog which focuses on anxiety and depression among kids. You can either create your own journal on anxiety and how you’re able to overcome it, or perhaps provide some tips in dealing with anxiety. With the right web hosting service and resources at your disposal, you’ll be able to create such a website in no time.

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