The Effects of Fragrance on Physical and Mental Health

For many years, people have been using certain scents to treat various conditions both mental and physical. In fact, smells that came from certain plants and flowers have relaxing and euphoric effects that can calm the mind and the body alike

Sleep Problems

Believe it or not, there are some scents that can help balance out your stress levels that cause sleep problems. In fact, Maryland University states that scientific evidence shows the significance of aromatherapy in helping with sleep disorders – particularly Lavender. Many people have sworn that Lavender has helped them relax and sleep better. Scientific trials have actually shown why. Maryland University states that Lavender can actually help calm the activity of the nervous system. Because of this, you can relax more and have better sleep.

Weight Loss

Brown University neuroscientist Rachel Herz explains that sniffing vanilla scents can actually help lessen your craving for sweets. Most people crave for something sweet after they eat their lunch or dinner simply because everyone loves desserts. However, desserts are some of the biggest culprits to weight loss. So instead of reaching for the nearest ice cream jar, smell vanilla scents instead. This will help satisfy your body’s craving for something sweet.


If Lavender helps slow down your brain activity at night, then peppermint does the opposite. Peppermint gives you more energy, which is something that you need when you wake up in the morning to go to work. According to psychologist Bryan Raudenbush, athletes who are exposed to peppermint scents have done more push-ups and are faster during their sprints.

Memory and Concentration

Since peppermint speeds up brain activity, your overall memory and concentration will improve as well. It’s not only peppermint that does the trick though. Even strawberry scents can wake the brain up, making you more alert, thus improving concentration. Of course, the scent has to come from fresh strawberries or fresh strawberry extract.


Have you ever wondered why certain people prefer a certain scent of perfume or cologne on you as compared to others? It’s because you probably emit certain pheromones that those people are attracted to. Now, your pheromones are already default in your body, and the smell of the perfume can’t mask that. According to a 2016 study by Caroline Allen from science journal Evolution and Human Behavior, perfume just enhances the biological preferences.

That said, there are certain scents that can enhance your body odor, making your significant other more sexually attracted to you. In the case of men’s perfume, the aim is to enhance one’s masculine smell. The same goes for women’s perfume wherein it is used to enhance the feminine smell.

While we often take smell for granted, it actually has a very big impact in our lives. It plays a very big role on both our physical and mental functions since the mind and body are very much connected anyway. That’s why scents can make us act or feel a certain way.

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