What is the Role of the Extended Family of an Anxious Child?

An anxious child’s extended family can play a crucial role in helping them deal with their issues. Be it aunts, uncles, grandparents, or other close relatives, the entire extended family can offer help and support. Here are ways the extended family can aid a child who is suffering from anxiety.

Avoid Judgmental Comments

The easiest thing the extended family can do is to avoid comments that are negative or critical. The child’s stress can just get worse if he is constantly exposed to negativity and a disapproving environment. Set a relaxed and non-threatening environment for the child by focusing on the positive and reassuring things that can help boost the child’s confidence and reduce his doubts and anxiety.

Schedule Visits

Visiting the affected family randomly can just cause stress to the anxious child or his parents and caregivers. Even taking the time to schedule your visits can already be viewed as a form of support on your end. This way, the parents and the child can prepare themselves for the visit. Even the preparation part can already matter to the child with anxiety. Having a predictable routine can make things less stressful for the anxious child.

Be Mindful of the Child’s Diet

Be familiar with the dietary restrictions of your anxious family member and buy the special, recommended foods that can avoid triggering the child’s anxiety. Even avoiding sweets as gifts already helps. The parents of the anxious child will also appreciate your little efforts in minding the details and offering support to their child in your own way.

Offer to Help

You might not know exactly what to do or how to help. Thus, it’s best to communicate and ask the caregivers or parents of the child on what their needs are. Check if you can do something about them like managing routines, establishing the dietary plans, or other important details that the child needs.

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