The Relationship Between Anxiety and Anger

Have you or someone you know felt stressed, nervous, or overly worried or fixated about a certain perceived threat that it has somehow paralyzed you and covered you with fear? When we live in a state of constant stress, we are likely to get angry and irritable. Both children and adults are prone to this case of anxiety disorder, and this problem is prevalent and real. When recurring anxiety is left untreated, it can lead to consequences which include distressing anger.

What are the things that trigger anger?

Usually, anger sprouts from the feeling of being the victim of a perceived or real injustice. This emotion is usually due to a circumstance or a person that agitates or annoys you. However, there are also underlying emotions that trigger anger. For example, even guilt, fear, anxiety, or profound sadness can cause anger.

Here are some other correlations between anger and anxiety:

Fight vs. Flight
Anxiety is also based in fear that’s popularly known to trigger the fight or flight mechanism of the body. Instead of flight, some anxious people choose to fight which then can lead to anger.

Lack of Assertiveness
Anger can also be due to some pent up emotions of people who are unable to express or deal with their sentiments. Since they fear confrontation, they avoid the problem, become anxious, and eventually develop anger.

Anxiety disorders lead to irritation which then makes people more prone to anger. A person with anxiety often believes that others are causing or contributing to their perceived stress.

Loss of Control
When people feel like they no longer have control over things, anger follows. This feeling of anxiety makes them feel powerless and weak, so the natural response is to harbor anger.

Treating Anxiety and Anger

Anxiety disorder has to be dealt with, especially if it involves children. Work with a professional or contact us if you need help with anxiety treatment and anger management.

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