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We exist to help children see the beauty of the world, and we offer support to the troubled youth, so they can move forward with life happily and more confidently. We particularly help out in dealing with children anxiety to avoid it causing problem to the child’s future and to the social circles surrounding the sufferer.

Signs of Anxiety in Children

Both kids and adults can be prone to anxiety troubles. The only difference is that kids may not yet know how to understand and express their feelings. The usual common sign of anxiety is panic attack. Other signs can be vague and unclear. However, they can come in the form of physical symptoms such as muscle pain, stomachache, and fatigue. Signs also include extreme resistance or angry outbursts. If these subtle signs are persistent and extreme, anxiety disorder may be at play. If these are not treated during childhood, the problem may persist until these youngsters enter the adult stage.

Most Common Types of Childhood Anxiety

The following are some of the common types of anxiety among children:

Phobia – It’s one of the common types of anxiety. There are 5 categories of phobia: Environmental, Animal, Situational, Medical, and Other.

Separation Anxiety – Children usually don’t want to leave the haven of security when around their parents. Being separated from their caregivers can trigger their extreme anxiety which can be a problem should you have to leave them for whatever reason in the future.

Panic Attacks – When anxiety goes worse, it can lead to a panic attack. It involves symptoms like hyperventilation, racing heart, and emotional meltdowns.

General Anxiety Disorder – This happens when the child can’t help but worry all the time. The worries could come from the tiniest things in the realm of friendships, performance, family issues, safety, etc. The level of worry could go intense.

OCD or Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder – It manifests in many variations. It’s characterized by the presence of obsession or fear and ritualized attempts or compulsion to neutralize forms of danger.

Social Anxiety – This is when a child gets highly anxious when faced with performance or social situations. The main trigger is the fear or criticism or embarrassment. This problem is not only common among children but among people of all ages.

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